Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Plus


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Metabolism and Weight Management Supplement

Quality Weight Management

Betancourt Nutrition Carnitine Plus is designed to regulate metabolism and manage your weight. Our metabolism supplement contains essential ingredients absorb more L-carnitine than other brands to maximize your results.

Optimized L-Carnitine

Increased production of L-carnitine in your system improves weight management and aerobic performance. Our Carnitine Plus weight management sports supplement has been shown to promote brain functionality and increase muscle tone.

Professionally Manufactured and Tested

We make Carnitine Plus in our cGMP facility to ensure that it produces the desired effects, such as good absorption, good performance, and good results. We deliver what actually works, not what “kind of” works!

100% Stimulant-Free

Carnitine Plus does NOT contain any stimulants. You can use it however many times you like each day. Recommended daily consumption is one scoop with a meal, twice per day. Additional scoops will have little or no added effect.


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