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MSTRMND brings together a range of reliable and premium components. All ingredients are transparently dosed, so you know how much of everything you get per serving.

Premium branded ingredients include 150mg of the proven Sabroxy, 100mg of CognatiQ (previously NeuroFactor) and 30mg of Infinergy.


  • Augment Concentration
  • Enhance Learning Ability
  • Improve Memory & Cognitive Function
  • Develop Verbal Fluency
  • Boost Creativity
  • Increase Mental Alertness
  • Combat “Brain Fog”
  • Protect Against Neurotoxicity


What are Nootropics?
Nootropics, also known as ‘cognitive enhancers’ are drugs that some people use in an attempt to improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration as well as boost energy levels and wakefulness.

Who are Nootropics for?
Anyone who has a task in front of them that needs extra attention. Students who are studying for an exam, business executives preparing a presentation, athletes playing sports that require focus, gamers who are trying to have a dialed in user experience etc.

When is the best time to take MSTRMND?
We recommend taking 2 capsules of MSTRMND 30 minutes prior to executing the task at hand. In general, it’s recommended to take nootropic supplement in the morning with a meal, so they can work and provide you with their benefits during the day, instead of working while you sleep (when you may not need that mental clarity and focus). MSTRMND has a moderate amount of caffeine (150mg total) so you will get a slight increase of energy. We didn’t want this to be an over stimulated product because that would be counterproductive. A lot of companies will try to fool you with this type of instant gratification, but we know a relaxed mind is a focused mind, so we kept the caffeine light.

Why should I take MSTRMND?
We live in a fast paced digital society where distractions are everywhere, it’s hard to stay focused and get things done in the best case scenarios. Taking a nootropic like MSTRMND already sets the tone for dialing in your focus and demanding your attention throughout the day.

How do Nootropics work?
Because the types of nootropics vary, they each have their own specific way of working, but when it comes to nootropics, they are proven to boost brain function while at the same time helping make the brain healthier.
When you introduce smart drugs to your body, the blood circulation to your brain increases, providing the nootropic as well as increasing energy and oxygen flow to your brain. In general, nootropics work by altering the concentration of existing neurotransmitters in your brain, which, depending on the type of nootropic, can lead to different functions but overall work to increase memory and learning while protecting your brain from potential harm.


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