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Defiant Unleashed is for the stim-junkies. The people who are tired of taking pre workouts that just don’t “Hit” anymore. Here at MuscleForce we decided to create a product so potent we strongly recommend starting with only 1/2 scoop.


How much caffeine is in Defiant Unleashed?
There is 450mg of total Caffeine in 1 scoop – “Caffeine Anhydrous.”

What is the difference between Defiant Unleashed and the other Defiant?
Defiant Unleashed is a higher-stimulant product – so the intensity is higher than the Defiant. The Defiant is still very strong, but not as strong as the Defiant Unleashed.

Can Defiant Unleashed be taken with Obedient X3?
Absolutely! Obedient X3 is a NON-stimulant product that contains pump, focus, & hydration ingredients. This allows you to take 1 serving of each together with no issues.

Can I take this with my coffee or any other stimulant-based product?
No, we don’t recommend to. The only time it would be safe to take other stimulants would be 6-8 hours before or after taking Defiant Unleashed, but never at the same time.


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