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Keto Collagen Creamer

Black Magic Supply brings you our latest release SKULL DUST to bring you with the first ever handcrafted Keto Collagen Creamer. Unseal your bag containing a brand new coffee creamer formulation providing the highest quality anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, grass fed collagen, and high octane ketones to provide you with supernatural brain power throughout the day.

Our SKULL DUST formula is loaded with a supreme combination of Organic Turmeric, Grass Fed Collagen, Grass Fed Ghee, and Essential Fatty Acids that will induce brain power, improve daily performance, as well as boost your immune system with each and every scoop.

SKULL DUST is in its own league providing a less luck more skill approach bringing you coffee creamer done the right way. Mix SKULL DUST with your coffee or mix it with water as a stand alone and enjoy the delicious mouth watering Vanilla Mocha flavor. Try SKULL DUST available now from Black Magic Supply!

  • Grass Fed Collagen
  • Essential Fatty Acids & Organic Turmeric 
  • Increased Energy And Focus
  • Unmatched Brain Power


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